About us

who are we:

We are a development and consulting services company. Our work is to obtain the best suitable opportunities in education and entrepreneurship and put them in your hands

Our goals

  1. Providing educational advice for free and guiding the student to the university and the appropriate specialization for him
  2. Supporting the educational field and creating practical training opportunities for students with reduced fees
  3. Providing educational advice to those interested in the field of trade and entrepreneurship
  4. Organizing events and creating a suitable environment for entrepreneurs to meet with each other and exchange experiences and knowledge
  5. Providing training programs according to students’ needs in cooperation with accredited local and international training centers
  6. Helping students secure pre-graduation practical training opportunities
The Message

Providing all educational services and consultations with a specialized professional team for more than 6 years of experience in the educational field and obtaining admissions in public and private universities

We also support the entrepreneurship sector by providing them with training and qualification opportunities in various fields

We transfer the necessary experience and skills from the specialists through accredited training courses, lectures and awareness articles according to what the business market and society needs.


Mohammad AL Mohammad
General Director

zekra Mohammad
Academic advisor

cennet mohammad
Public Relations Manager

gx mosab
Chief Financial Officer